Holidays party dresscode

20132611_Styligion-Chiara11673 copia

On top of gifts, holiday season is also about “what to wear for a festive party?”
My natural advice is to choose a mini dress: you can easily go for a sensual black must-have or consider a classic-not-classic red one or to shine with a metallic skirt and jacket.
Get some inspiration to complete your look with some accessories of your fav brands, as I did here wearing Styligion…and you will be ready to rock the party!

A Natale, tra i tormentoni più frequenti, oltre ai regali :), c’è anche: “Cosa mi metto per un party di Natale o a Capodanno?”
Il mio consiglio, naturalmente, è quello di scegliere un mini dress: da un sensuale abito nero ad un classico-ma-non-classico rosso o a un brillante abbinamento metallico. Ispiratevi sempre per completare il vostro look con gli accessori dei vostri brand preferiti, come ho fatto qui con Styligion…e sarete pronte a essere perfette per il party!

20132611_Styligion-Chiara11498 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11898 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12016 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11520 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12244 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11902 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11684 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11793 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12213 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12270 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11828 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12094 1 copia



Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Chiara Ferragni

206 Responses to Holidays party dresscode

  1. Arfah says:

    i absolutely love the black mesh dress. Where is it from?

  2. Evellyn says:

    I loved all the looks and you look amazing as always!
    kisses from Brazil

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  4. All of these looks are stunning!
    Check out:
    Happy Holidays & With Love,

  5. lily says:

    i swear your AMBER HEARDS lost sister- so pretty :D

  6. Love all three, but especially that black mesh dress! Perfect! Check out my holiday looks:

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