The Loot

It was dark in Milan when THE LOOT took place. Antonia was the target of two high heeled – and sensual ;) – robbers. The objective was to get the hottest collections of the season. The suspects were a blonde and a brunette loving “selfies”.
Like in some of my fav movies, it’s Eleonora and me starring in “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico which I’m proud to introduce to you.

Era buio a Milano quando il bottino (THE LOOT) è stato sottratto. Antonia era l’obiettivo di due – sensuali ;) – ladre dai tacchi a spillo. L’obiettivo erano le collezioni più hot della stagione. I sospettati erano una bionda e una mora che amavano i “selfies”.
Come nei miei film preferiti, Eleonora ed io siamo le protagoniste di “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico che son orgogliosa di mostrarvi.

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82 Responses to The Loot

  1. Petra says:

    Love the Video! You look so cool!!!

  2. Diva In Me says:

    Doesn’t look easy but I’m sure you guys had fun shooting this ad =D

  3. gabriela says:

    this is hilarious!! so creative

  4. Veronica says:

    Sono rimasta senza parole alla visione dello spot !!! E’ decisamente uno dei più belli che io abbia mai visto !!! E voi siete davvero meravigliose e sensualissime :D
    Complimenti davvero <3

    TWO GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  5. Ailén says:

    Wooow!! I love it!

  6. MAC says:

    Amazing! I’m obsessed with your blog!

    I’m new to blogging, looking for fashion/beauty/travel blogs to follow. Check mine out?? Love!

  7. Manuela says:

    gorgeous !!!! great video :) i love it <3
    xoxo manu

  8. Jess says:

    Awesome ads. You both are looking amazing! :D

    Please, check out my blog

    Jess ;)

  9. I remember Bling Ring here, you should have starred in that movie!!!!

  10. Mi ricorda un sacco un video che avevi fatto tempo fa dove ‘rubavi’ le borse! :) Carino! :)

  11. Sarisfashion says:

    WOW!!! The video is amazing! And you look beautiful!

    My blog:

  12. wow.!! cool!!
    by Rachel Jeong Lee

  13. Christina says:

    Aha! What a fine idea! Just in time for Christmas. I’ll be sure to grab my best gal pal and my favorable running heels to do this. haha, I wish. Wonderful video! I enjoyed it very much.


  14. Nicole says:

    You’re so stunning and I love the video! :)


  15. Sanchia says:

    Great video – super fun & very intriguing!


  16. natalie says:

    the video was so awesome!
    loved it

  17. Constance says:

    Love the video, it was a great story! Congrats on this new project to both of you!

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