Fake Fur: our favorite eco-furs for Winter 2016

fauxfurFake furs are one of the strongest trends of the past seasons and you’ve surely noticed the great variety of options offered by designers. Solid-colored, colorblock or patchwork there are plenty of styles dedicated to both fashionistas or more classic girls. We are die-hard fans of the softest and cuddly ones <3. In the gallery, you’ll find our favorite eco-furs for this Winter 2016. What’s yours?

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Carolina Cerutti

30 Responses to Fake Fur: our favorite eco-furs for Winter 2016

  1. Elizabeth T. says:

    I’ve been trying to find the perfect faux fur coat for the past month :D <3 Thank you so much for sharing these amazing finds!

    XO, Elizabeth

  2. tara Williams says:

    I love fur trends! I want to get a pink one! I want pretty much every one of these!
    Xo, Tara

  3. Poshnessary says:

    love love love fake fur. so chic

    Kisses from

  4. Katie says:

    I really like that you did a post on faux-fur! You included so many great options here!

  5. Nadin says:

    awesome selection!

  6. bisogna usare le ecopelliccie basta le pelliccie di quei poveri animali trucidati ed uccisi per un fattore estetico dell uomo

    dario fattore –

  7. sanssouci says:

    Loved the faux furs this winter! Great colours!

  8. Julia says:

    Great variety, thanks for sharing!

    I run a blog giving you updates on trends, collections, events and the who is who of the fashion industry!
    Hope you guys enjoy it xoxo

  9. Annie says:

    The blue one is gorgeous!! and I like the Diesel one too :-)

  10. Maj-Britt says:

    I love fake fur coats. I have bought one in a charity shop for 12€ originally from zara. So amazing! You can check it out on my blog!


  11. Tanja says:

    i love your fav´s
    tanja from salisburgo

  12. Sophie says:

    Those fur are just awesome, cozy and trendy at the same time <3

    Love from

  13. Agnes says:

    So in love with these!

    Agnes x

  14. Estee says:

    Fur has been my obsession lately! Love it!
    Estee from The Little Stylist

  15. I really love faux fur jackets. They look so trendy!

  16. I love fur, but it is such a shame that it does’t suit me, it would have been so fun wearing and styling it.

  17. Lauren says:

    I love faux fur! Just wish I could wear it in Florida haha x

  18. Angel says:

    Woww Nice collections of sweaters :)

  19. Danielle says:

    I can’t get enough of faux fur! My collection of coats just keeps growing. Stylish and great for us freezing Brits!
    Danielle x

  20. Natty says:

    I love fake-fur coats!♥

  21. Desimira says:

    Great variety of fake furs. I love the black one by Malene Birger.

  22. Nikoline says:

    Some of them look like real fur, I love that!


  23. nat says:

    i bookmarked this page, because I’m looking to buy one soon!

  24. I love Faux Fur jackets!! The one from Forever 21 is so pretty. And the Mango one, omg! NEED THEM
    Project NW | Olive Contemporary Clothing

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