I’m Pantene Global Ambassador

cover panteneIt’s the day! I can finally give the super news some of you might have already guessed. I am the new Pantene Global Ambassador! I still remember the first time I used my first ‘grownup shampoo’, I was 9 years old and showering in my house in Cremona I found a bottle of the classic Pantene shampoo…I felt just like the models in the magazines when I was using it! Growing up, my hair has always been my most faithful ally; its care is my little obsession. And when what was born as a passion transformed into the job of my life, taking care of my hair, shielding it from stress, styling and weather changes and maintaining their health became more and more an actual necessity. In fact, having beautiful hair most importantly means having healthy and nourished hair! Especially when I started travelling so much, I put together a beauty case with all the products I’ve been using since forever, which contained Pantene’s 1 minute Wonder Ampoules, mini revitalizing treatments that reverse the damages caused from heath and stress in just one minute. Especially during the fashion month I have a very busy schedule and not much time to dedicate to my hair, but I cannot neglect it if I want to maintain it healthy and always perfect. Taking care of it with the right products while keeping it healthy allows me to wear strong and shiny hair even without having to avoid experimenting new styles and looks. Sometimes I even change 2 or 3 hairstyles for a shooting!

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