In-flight essentials: products to use while traveling

Composit - InFlightArriving fresh and rested to your destination is possible; you just need to take care of yourself during the flight, especially if it’s a long-distance one. At high altitude, in fact, skin loses hydration and has to bear the stress of a closed space, with a lack of fresh air exchange. So, just as you worry about drinking at regular intervals and try to enjoy a movie while you relax, try to stick to a beauty routine made of a few simple steps. Here are our suggestions for the perfect beauty kit to carry onboard and our favorite products to use while traveling, obviously all in a version that is smaller than 100ml (3.4 oz), perfect for your hand luggage.

Start with the basics: never travel with your makeup on, especially if you will be in the air for more that 3/4 hours. So, after having taken your seat, the first step is taking out a wipe and removing all your makeup. Once it’s done, you can start with the actual beauty kit: the magic word here is moisturizer, as you’ve probably already figured out. Therefore face, lips, hands and hair treatments are necessary. If your beauty case seems too big already, choose a multitasking product that will allow you to solve everything with one touch. Your travel beauty kit could even help you overcome your flight anxiety. The ideal product is a fragrance for roll-on aromatherapy, a must-have for those who need to calm their nerves during takeoff and landing. All you’ll need to do is to apply it on the pressure points of a regular perfume in order for it to release a relaxing aroma. Last but not least, in case you won’t be able to rest, get yourself an eye treatment that doubles as concealer. Apply it a little before getting off and no one will notice your dark circles!

You don’t feel like putting together your own travel beauty kit? Rely on our favorite brands. There are ready-to-go solutions for every need, with the advantage that often those kits come in a transparent pouch, complying with TSA rules, that you will be able to reuse whenever you wish. Bon voyage!


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Giulia Angolini

17 Responses to In-flight essentials: products to use while traveling

  1. Gloria says:

    Ottime dritte! Da provare subito!

  2. Nadin says:

    lip balm is the most essential. as well as anti bacteria

  3. Elizabeth T. says:

    Loving all of these picks! I always struggle with what to take on the plane, but your guide made it so easy and simple :) Haha and those Tony Moly lip balms are so adorable!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. Agnes says:

    Going to try some of these!

    Agnes x

  5. Kari says:

    I swear by spray water and lotion with sunscreen!

  6. Carol Mirez says:

    i’m a flight attendant, so no make up during the flights is not an option, any other suggestions?

    Which are the best products to wear on a plane?

  7. claudia says:

    utilissimo post per il mio prossimo viaggio in Kenya +.+
    facebook & Instagram “claudiasartorelloblog”

  8. Nicky says:

    Very helpful and lovely post!!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Such great tips! I post about packing tips as well, and these are some of my favorites!

  10. Kristianto Ari P says:

    Love your Blog Chiara cant wait for the next . I would like you posting in the Inspirations for the Men’s fashion.

  11. nat says:

    great tips and products
    i definitely need to bring more creams with me when i travel

  12. Alex says:

    Great tips. thanks for sharing.

    xx Alex

  13. Very interesting post ! Thx for the tips :)

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