How to turn a daytime makeup into an evening one with the same palette

Composit - Palette Day to Night OKThe (beauty) dilemma of our century: what makeup do I wear this morning? Every one of us has her own version of a manic day. The classic entails a morning at work, various errands that keep us from going back home, a dinner with our girlfriends and maybe even a late rendez-vous with him. In order to face the day with your head held high, all you need is a palette that can be used for a daytime look, but also transformed into an evening version, that is versatile and compact enough to be carried around for a touch up before your next appointment.

How do you turn a daytime makeup into an evening one? Every palette is different, but the method is very simple. Choose the color for your night look and start applying the complementary light shades for the daytime version. So you’ll just have to add the selected dark tone when you wish to intensify the makeup, without having to do everything all over again. For the final touch, go back to the lighter color and use it as a highlight in the inner corner of your eyes. And voilà, you’ll be ready for every occasion!

Our gallery features our selection of palettes; some are new and others are our all-time favorites. What’s yours?

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Giulia Angolini

10 Responses to How to turn a daytime makeup into an evening one with the same palette

  1. Kari says:

    These are some great looks!

  2. Nicky says:

    Amazing!! Very helpful♥♥

  3. Gloria says:

    Questa sì che è una bella dritta!

  4. Shelly Liu says:



  5. Elizabeth T. says:

    Totally in love with all of these gorgeous palettes <3 I love all of the neutral colors – they really make it so easy to take your look from soft and feminine (during the day) to edgy and sultry (for the night) :) Really want to try the new Naked Smoky Palette!

    XO, Elizabeth

  6. Luisa says:

    Seguo The Blonde Salad da molto tempo e credo che l’acquisto di Giulia, autrice di questo articolo, sia stato una scelta vincente! Bravi TBS, siete fantastici ❤️

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