Phone cases mania: our favorite for Spring Summer 2016

covercoverWe have to be honest, cellphone cases have increasingly become an essential accessory for all fashionistas, and not just them. If the cellphone used to be “hidden” inside our pockets, now every occasion is a good one to show off our latest phone case. Wether small, minimal but with a striking detail, bulky or that surely doesn’t go unseen, the phone cover mania is growing every season. We selected our favorite ones in our gallery; some of which are already in our hands! ;-)

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Vincenzo Malinconico

10 Responses to Phone cases mania: our favorite for Spring Summer 2016

  1. le trovo stupendeeee mi piace tanto quella con il fenicottero

    dario fattore –

  2. Elizabeth T. says:

    Loving Moschino and Kate Spade’s the most <3 They're both so cute and quirky, especially the Moschino! It's hilarious :D Hahah thank you so much for sharing! And I agree – phone cases are an essential fashion accessory nowadays!

    XO, Elizabeth

  3. Ev says:

    Love them! :)

  4. INa says:

    Love that Icecone! It looks awesome!

  5. Paula says:

    Love the Pantone case!!


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