Powder Pink: tenth look of PFW

_TEM467810th look from this incredible Paris Fashion Week! Chiara wore a Chanel total look to attend their show today in Paris.

Photos by Timur Emek

Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy

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TBS Crew
by TBS Crew in Looks

37 Responses to Powder Pink: tenth look of PFW

  1. Keep inspiring!!! Love all of the outfits

  2. Oli says:

    In love with this outfit. Plus, it is my favorite color! =)

  3. Raiza says:

    This is such a cute outfit! Love how well you styled the classic Chanel tweed out of office to sporty <3

  4. ivanasworld. says:

    Beautiful blazer and great pastel pink :)

  5. Caroline says:

    I LOVE this look, it’s sooo perfect ! The jacket is insane :)


  6. Hayley larue says:

    One of my favorite looks of yours! <3


  7. Alex says:

    Such a cute and beautiful look! I’m really looking forward for spring!

    xx Alex

  8. Un ratito para mi says:

    Love that outfit!!


  9. Simona says:

    The Chanel bag is beautiful !!!!
    Lovely look!!

  10. Elizabeth T. says:

    This is such a cute and feminine look <3 One of my absolute favorites of yours :) The pink is such a pretty color, especially as we slowly transition in to spring!

    XO, Elizabeth

  11. Carolyn says:

    love the jacket and the bag!


  12. Francesca says:

    Adoro il rosa e questo outfit mi piace veramente un sacco

  13. Whit says:

    Looking super cute, Chiara! Can’t go wrong in Chanel, however, I much prefer your other looks! x



  14. Su nd Chris says:

    Ohh how cute is this look! Love your hairstyle!!

    xx Su http://www.fashiontwinstinct.com

  15. Alyssa says:

    Love this outfit! So pretty and chic. xx


  16. charleane says:

    so cute and so chick :) hi chiara! hope you could visit Philippines one day.


  17. Angieness says:

    So cute! I love this outfit ❤

  18. So gorgeous, love that blush pink!

  19. Ev says:

    Great bag!

  20. Jeannie says:

    Even the skirt has a pink trim, how unique!


  21. Liesa says:

    Such a great look! Sporty meets chic!

  22. Linoya says:

    Loving this Chanel total look! SO inspiring!


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