You know we love traveling, and we like to virtually take you with us to every destination we visit. Some feelings are hard to describe when filtered by a screen, but we love a good challenge and we will try our best, anyway. This is the story of a trip around the world, where origin and destination are in the same location: Florence, Leopolda station to be precise, where Pitti Fragranze took place. Every year, the Tuscan city hosts this event that takes visitors on an unprecedented olfactory journey, to discover perfume makers and distributors that will be hard to forget. You can while away many hours among the different stalls, looking for the perfect fragrance –  spoiler alert: the perfect fragrance doesn’t actually exist, as you will find out even when you feel you are getting closer and closer to finding it. Remember to take a break every once in a while, to let your sense of smell rest from the many notes that will inebriate it, and confuse it. To share our experience with you a little differently, we decided to select 20 fragrances that will take you around the world: let their stories and their ingredients take you far, far away with just one touch. Enjoy your trip!

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