cover codaWhat is the ideal hairstyle for an elegant evening or an important event? Looking at the red carpet, this season is definitely the ponytail. Beyoncé showed a very high one (that probably only a Queen like her could wear) at the Met, but Cannes confirmed the trend with the many celebrities who decided to rock it both during the day and night. Showing how the ponytails perfectly works for blondes as well as brunettes and that the length doesn’t matter much. With extra long hair as Tanya Dzyahlieva’s soft curls or Michelle Rodriguez’s, the “drama” effect is assured. Even medium lengths guarantee a nice and sophisticated: look at the blonde Charlize Theron who wore a medium height ponytail or Sophie Marceau, who wore her bob lob with a very short side ponytail, super chic indeed!

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    how do you make these collages? is it in photoshop?

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    adoro le code, peccato che non mi stanno molto bene ahahah… Comunque Chiara volevo chiederti se potresti aprire un vero e proprio negozio dove vendere le tue collezzioni, almeno a Roma ( la capitale ) o a Milano…
    Baci Fra

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