In the hottest days of the summer, all of us who have long hair will do the same thing: we will put our hair up to avoid death from being cooked by the sun! What is different, however, if what we choose to do with it. 5 hairstyles, 5 celebrities. What team are you on?

Chiara is the queen of this team! The half up, half down hairstyle is perfect for the beach and the city; it lets you tame unruly hair without being too much of a commitment. Ten seconds and voila – you’re ready for whatever event or rendez-vous. For variation, you can experiment with a half up chignon or a braid on the side, which will instantly make your style more romantic.

Oh captain, my captain Bella Hadid! No hairstyle could ever look bad on her, but sleek chignons are her signature ‘do. Chignons are a must-have for those evenings by the water, from pool parties to bonfires on the beach. Your hair will be safe from humidity, so you don’t have to join #teammushroom.

Who could ever lead this team, if not JLo? High ponytails are totally her thing, which she wears with a variety of outfits, which just goes to show how versatile it is. You just need to choose: smooth, wavy, or textured?

pigtailsThis team is led by Kylie Jenner, who definitely loves to experiment when it comes to hairstyles! If you belong to her squad – well done! You have mastered the art of wearing pigtails without looking like first graders. The trick? Don’t wear this hairstyle with romantic, cutesy outfits, and you’ll be safe.

braidsThe star of the team is a special one… North West! One of the best-loved mini fashion icons, who is just as fashionable as mommy Kim. Her braids are just perfect for the day or for a night of dancing, even though we’re probably way past her bedtime 😉

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    So fun! I really like lots of hair style. But I love simple hair style most. This has brighten my day up. Thanks

    Reply to Dee
  • What a fun post! I’m having a bummer day, and I don’t know why but this post totally cheered me up. Thanks, Giulia.

    PS I have short hair, but I’m still on #teamhalfup with the help of bobby pins and will power. 😉

    Reply to Maddy
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