April Fool’s joke or new look? As of right now the the only thing that is certain is a picture: the photo Katy Perry posted on her Instagram account on April 1st wearing a super short new haircut with the caption “I asked for the Kris Jenner haircut”. Did the pop star choose to go for the pixie cut? She wouldn’t be the only one. More and more celebrities opt, in fact, for a short look, showing how it perfectly complements every color and every age. Last year’s bon ton trend featured same length hair for a French inspired effect while, this year, the coolest version seems to be the rock, audacious adaptation with a longer tuft to be worn back, during formal occasions or cheekily covering the eyes for a bolder look.


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  • I love pixie cuts! I could never pull one off, and even if I could I would never do it, but they look amazing on girls like Katy Perry and Nicole Richie. Probably because they have professional products and stylists, but still! Emma Watson looked fantastic in her pixie cut. Great post!

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  • This is so great to see. I hope I can get my hair to work and tame some of the curls that came in after my illness!

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