We know, you probably just read the headline and thought to yourself that there are way more interesting topics to discuss – we know that! But sometimes, you’ve got to deal with some very important basic points of beauty culture, and today, we’re going to talk about haircare. So, we ask you again: why should you invest in a good quality hairbrush? Elementary, Watson: hairbrushes, while undoing the small knots in your hair and untangling your mane, also take good care of sebum distribution along the whole length of your hair. This is why natural, rather than synthetic fiber brushes are preferable: they manage to move the moisture from your scalp to the ends way more easily. A good, mixed-bristle brush will be expensive, because it is made with a lot of care. It is worth spending your money on this kind of brush, though, because if you take good care of your brush, and clean it up regularly, it will really last forever. We collected a selection of our favorites in the gallery, and we tried to come up with an option for every budget. Ideally, you should consider spending 30-40€: we’re sure you can give up on buying one little dress for once, to take care of your mane instead! 😉

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    I’d rather buy a new dress and keep my hair messy but this blog is always the top

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