Composit Wedding MakeupIt’s time to tackle the only aspect we’ve not covered in our personalized guide: bridal makeup. There’s no shortage of ideas for hairstyles, bridesmaid dresses and the guests have already been selected, there are even some ideas for the honeymoon. But what makeup should you choose for the big day? The premise is that everyone should feel free to express themselves, which goes without saying. However, there is some advice that it will pay you to follow. If the ceremony is in the morning you’ll need a primer because the makeup should last all day. We suggest choosing waterproof mascara because deep down you know very well that you’ll shed some tears (better still you’ll cry a river). Lastly, it’s worthwhile investing in makeup products that you’d never in your life dared to go anywhere near. It will be a great memory of the occasion, and you won’t regret having made the choice! Buy, for example, the most expensive foundation on your wishlist, or that perfect lipstick you’ve wanted for ages. In our gallery you’ll find some of our favourite inspirational looks, taken from the red carpet or celeb weddings, for you to show your makeup artist.

13 Responses to “Bridal makeup: wedding look ideas for the big day”

  • Great look for wedding photos – I much prefer a natural and elegant look.
    It can be really distracting for a groom to see his bride not looking like herself because she is wearing too much make up or has been advised badly.

    Reply to Melbourne Simon

    I Love the “no makeup” look! Go bare – but better to let your Beauty shine on that special day !

    Reply to Dominique
  • I Love the “no makeup” look! Go bare – but better to let your Beauty shine on that special day ! Xoxo

    Reply to Dominique
  • For important events such as a wedding, I think sticking with classic, timeless looks are the best since these are photos that you’ll want to most likely look back on for the rest of your life <3 🙂 Loving all of these inspirations!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Reply to Elizabeth T.
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