Composit - GrimesGrimes is the stage name of Claire Boucher, a multitalented electro-pop artist that should definitely be on your radar. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, she happens to be turning 28 today – happy birthday! She debuted in 2010 with her first album, Geidi Primes, though she only really ascended to fame in 2012, with her single “Oblivion”, which finally got her to be the opening act for Lana Del Rey last year, following the release of a few more albums. Not bad for just a career start, right? 😉

After Stella McCartney chose Grimes, together with Kenya Kinski-Jones, Lola Ciccone Leon e Amandla Stenberg, as a testimonial for her new POP fragrance, here we are, celebrating her natural, wild beauty today. We love how Grimes has forever been fearlessly experimenting with colour – she has gone through an astonishing kaleidoscope of hair colors since the age of 12 – and how she manages to enhance her features in just a few steps that make her stand out. So what are the secrets behind her look? Well-groomed eyebrows, eyeliner at hand, quality lip-balm, and ethereal skin, thanks to moisturising foundation. In our gallery, you can find some of her favorite products, and our suggestions to recreate her appearance. You can click on the product names to buy them, enjoy shopping!

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