There’s one thought that haunts the minds of all beauty lovers whenever a humid heat wave hits. OMG, my face will melt! It’s a very understandable fear, since even the highest quality makeup is not immune to water! This is why there are waterproof formulas, thankfully. Thanks to these, your makeup will be waveproof, but it will also go unscathed through sudden dives into the pool, outdoor parties in the heat, or a crazy foam party. If you generally use less makeup when it’s hot, there is still one thing you should get for summer: waterproof mascara, the waterproof product par excellence! It’s also tearproof, actually, you will be able to cry your eyes out at the movies without turning into a panda. Keep in mind that you will need high-quality makeup remover wipes, or maybe an oil, when removing this kind of make up. You can have a look at our favorite waterproof products in our gallery. You’ll find anything you might need, from creating a look for your pool party, to something that will help you look good after staying up late or into the early hours, waiting for dawn. We’re sure you’ll make the best of our tips… Have a happy summer! 


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    Love these waterproof options! My makeup always gets ruined because of the weather. I actually just discovered skyler, the fashion weather app. I use skyler everyday to plan my makeup and outfits according to the weather. Its free on the app store. You should check it out Chiara!

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