Copertina capelliThe Met 2015 red carpet was amazing as usual thanks to the looks rocked by celebs (check out the best ones according to us!). This year the hairstyles were also in the spotlight, some of which were inspired to the traditional Chinese hairdos, honouring  the theme of the evening linked to the exhibition China: Through The Looking Glass. Those with long hair often chose to wear it in a ponytail (Beyoncé’s high one was our favorite) or in a chignon; those with short hair caught the attention with iper feminine details – Lily Collins looked super cute with her little veil; or surprised like Miley Cyrus who dyed her hair indigo for the occasion. The red carpet also highlighted medium length cuts: Rihanna and her red bob and ends facing outwards, Katie Holmes with a layered bob with fringe.

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18 Responses to “Met 2015: the best hairstyles for long, medium and short hair”

  • Great hairstyles! Adriana Lima’s hair looks amazing and so shiny. I am obsessed!

    Reply to Susan

    I think the most interesting trend was wigs! Katie Holmes and Katy Perry both went short for the evening thanks to very good wigs. Is this something we can expect to see more of? I love Chiara’s faux fringe for a recent photo shoot!

    Reply to Anon

    Ladies bring the comment battle home. Short vs long . Nude vs covered . Music vs Film

    Reply to Bernard Walker
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