Composit presummerSpring is drawing to a close, though it feels like it never really started, here! Since we like to be prepared, we already drew a to-do list of necessary stuff for Summer. Plan your holiday: done. Get flights for the holidays: done. Start compulsive shopping for swimwear and beachwear: done, too. So what’s missing? Look at our 15 beauty tips to get ready for Summer in our gallery: if you follow our advice, you will most definitely be ready by the time June 20 comes around… And we can’t wait for that day to come!

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16 Responses to “15 beauty tips to get ready for Summer”

  • Such a useful and cool post, love the formatting and layout of it as well as the content!

    Definitely given me a kick to start getting myself ready for my holiday, rather than the inevitable night before panic running around the house with wet nails and dodgy fake tan!

    Honor xxx |

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  • I always switch to a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream for the summer. Takes some time to get used to it but knowing my skin can breathe and react naturally to the heat gives me major piece of mind.

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  • I love a good body scrub. Since I do it a least once a week my skin is so much smoother. And afterwards I use coconut oil and the result is just perfect!
    xx Isabelle

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  • As a beautician I have to say that these are some great tips! For me is much more important to have healthy and glowy skin than tons of makeup and I sure do take care of my skin inside and out:)

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