Composit - Beach BagFinally, the time has come: it’s time to pack for the holidays! This is not just random packing – we can take care of that by throwing a few random things in a random bag less than half an hour before leaving – we are talking beach packing here. So, keeping this scenario in mind, it will be basically impossible to forget anything. Let’s just make sure that doesn’t happen with a quick recap of all you need for the beach. Whether it’s one day, a weekend or a week, the strategy doesn’t really change. Some things are a must-have you can’t really give up on, you would regret it if you did. So, make sure you are packing your beach towel, sunglasses, flip flops, and swimwear. You might need a bag as big as Mary Poppins’! We will take care of the rest. Have a look at the gallery and discover what products really can’t be missing from your bag. If you have any other suggestions, go ahead, and let us know in the comments! See you at the beach!

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    I always carry and leave-in conditioner spray!! You should always keep your locks moisturized!!!

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