The time has come to cover up! Yes, we know it’s hot. And no, we’ve not gone crazy. What we mean to say is cover up in sunscreen! We at TBS love having golden skin, but if there’s one thing that we care even more about, it’s skin health. That’s why we always remember, every time we expose ourselves to the sun, to use an adequate SPF. Even in the city, there are no exceptions. In the gallery you’ll find all our pro-tanning suggestions: from creams, to oils and finally to sprays. There are classic products and those that are more innovative. We only ask you to remember two things: the first is that skin is the biggest organ of your body and should be protected like we do our lungs or heart (from possible burns, sticking to the topic at hand). The second is that you always apply the cream in time, because once you’ve been burnt and become patchy nothing will be able to save you. Ok, to be honest there’s a third: SPF 50 on the face is a must for those that don’t want to turn, over the years, into a dry apricot. You’ve been warned! 😉 We are sure that among these products you can find something you will like in order to spend a beautiful summer and repair any harmful effects from the sun’s rays.

P.S. If you need to brush up on the best way to really get ready for summer, here you’ll find 15 suggestions that you should follow to the letter. Before clicking, however, stay here with us and scroll through the gallery!

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