mom jeansThe 1980’s are back and they brought mom jeans back with them as women’s N.1 must-have. These high-waist jeans have become a celebrities’ and denim lovers’ favorite…so how couldn’t we be crazy for such a trendy basic piece?! If you’re lucky and your mom kept her vintage clothes in her closet, don’t wait any longer, ask to borrow them 🙂 Otherwise try a vintage store to find the style that best suits you. Some ideas on how to match them? Simple is best, and in this particular case, even cooler. Our gallery features 4 ideas to wear your mom jeans…choose yours!

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    Ragazze a costo di essere bastian contrario, vi dico che io proprio i mom jeans non li riesco a digerire… Secondo me sono oggettivamente brutti e non valorizzano nessuno!

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    Love mom jeans!!! Great post

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  • What I love most about mom jeans is that they are so unflattering to the point they are flattering lol! It’s ironic I’m reading this post today. After work I’d plan to hit up Salvation Army (50 percent off on Wednesdays) on the hunt for denim and home decor.

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