If there’s anything celebrities are good at, it’s starting new trends, which can sometimes be bold, or relatively simple. One of the latest trends in the States is not wearing a bra: many Hollywood stars are following the braless trend in many different settings: day and night, on the red carpet, or simply when out shopping. Would you like to copy them? Have a look at our gallery for some inspiration!

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    ciao a tutte, bello l’articolo e molto attento a come esporre un trend very stylish di cui ormai si parla molto senza paura di mostrare se stesse..cmq ragazze state attente, è vero che può causare microtraumi, ho sentito che una volta una mia amica è tornata a casa e si sentiva una pallina dura nella parte in basso..
    grazie chiara sei una risorsa infinita di buoni consigli per la vita 🙂
    continuo a seguirvi, ciaooooo

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    Going braless is yes, liberating to the tatas, however baring them through see thru garments is frankly tasteless, and gives the impression of wanting attract attention. YES, the fact awoman is free to dress as she desires is true, however there are psychos who are going to see bare boobs as an open invitation, a come on waiting to be answered. Sure, some parts of society are okay with it. But I hear more negative comments–from all ages and sexes. There is a large section of society that remains polite and genteel They don’t want to see your boobs or guys with their boxers high and pants around their knees. Also, not every woman has a set of perky 32s or great implants. Oh, yes, there will be some ugly, bide your eyes and feel embarrassed for that poor gal who believes everything she reads in a blog.
    Burn the bra if you desire ( or don’t, support is a good thing, it prevents sagging due to weakened ligaments later in life especially if you’re rocking DD’s like mine) but do cover those little rosebuds. Leave something to the imagination. Every trend isn’t fashionable even if a Kardashian does it. Sometimes it is what it is, wrong in too manyh ways.

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    il reggiseno serve a sostenere e ritardare la “caduta”, oltre che a proteggere dai microtraumi ai quali è esposto nella vita di ogni giorno, per cui assolutamente NO a questa moda poco salutare e antiestetica, perché nel tempo gli effetti del non portarlo si notano

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  • I would say I am mostly inspired by you Chiara, because I follow you on Instagram and there you post a lot of “no bra” pictures and I absolutely love it… I do not wear it at home at all but when Iam going out, I wear it all the time 🙂


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