kalalaFirst impressions are not really what matters, but they surely are important. What to wear then for a first date? In the gallery you can find ideas for 5 different outfits, but always remember to be yourself and to mostly show off your personality. Feel comfortable, unique and focus on your strengths and have lots of fun! 😉 😀


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22 Responses to “How to dress on a first date”

  • I didn’t like the shoes !!!
    I don’t think that they fit in the first date.

    Reply to ضحى
  • All the options are beautiful!
    However, I don’t have the enough money to buy them jajaja

    Reply to Julieta

    Honestly I think these looks are more likely to impress a female that a man… I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go on a first date in a big hat like that lol! Put some jeans and heels on instead. Done.

    Reply to Vicki
  • Nice looks, it is perfect for a first date, fresh and original 🙂

    Bisous from France,

    Reply to sandy
  • I really like how casual but put together most of these looks are. It’s nice to look like you spent time getting ready, but didn’t try too hard. I would add a pair of heels to some of these though, for fancier dates.


    Reply to Katie
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