satcJune 6 1998 was the day that Sex And The City was first screened in the US. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were the four main characters, and their stories moved us and delighted us for years… to be honest, they still do. Hands up if you don’t occasionally watch a random episode, and catch yourself smiling for no good reason while watching. We all remember the first season: it was at the end of the ’90s and the four friends were killing it with their silk slip dresses, tulle skirts with stilettoes, pastel suits and animalier matched with more prints.. Basically, whenever we think of SATC, we are thinking of one of the most fashion obsessed TV shows ever. We came up with four looks for you, one for each character. I tried to imagine what our four favorite New Yorkers would choose to buy today, 18 years later, if they came shopping with me. What do you think?


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  • Woooow belle le Jimmy Choo! Certo però sempre in giro con i tacchi alti… altro che alluce valgo 🙂

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    ::::::::in italia nel 2000 ricordo ancora la prima puntata su telemontacarlo….direi tutti look giusti …forse forse il sandalo Manolo per carrie un po’ troppo basso…lei solo tacco altro…..per pochi episodi all’inizio ha usate scarpe basse…poi solo tacco tacco tacco…..

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  • SATC is one of my favorite tv series of all time, and their sense of fashion is so iconic and unforgettable! This show has inspired me since I was really young (my blog’s name: Cats in the city it’s actually inspired in SATC). For all the sexy dresses Samatha has taken off, for all the pearls Charlotte has worn, for all the suits that Miranda has wore and for all the crazy shoes that Carrie keeps on her closet! Cheers!

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    Era l’articolo di cui avevo bisogno! Fantastico e azzeccato

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