exWe’ve all suddenly missed our ex boyfriend at least once, and came to the conclusion it was an excellent idea to see each other again… As friends, obviously? Once you’ve planned day and time, the next logical step should be choosing the correct outfit to show off your beauty, intelligence and sunny disposition. Let’s be honest, what we’re doing here is trying to remind your ex that you were the best girl he could have possibly fallen for anyway! Our tip is, never overdo your look. Go for sexy, but not for vulgar: a sensual touch, wisely matched to a basic outfit, will be enough to remind him of the good old times together. Don’t exaggerate, either with makeup or accessories. You want to look self-assured; the message you want to be sending is, it took me 5 minutes to get ready and come down to meet you (yeah, right!) Have a look at our gallery where we suggest three outfit ideas for your super date with your ex. What do you think?


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14 Responses to “How to dress to hang out with your Ex”

    I think: Don’t go on date with ex

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  • If i ever see my ex’s again I want to make sure I look the worst i’ve ever looked. Last thing I want is a groveling ex. I look terrible, you’re glad we broke up, now can you please stop groveling and stop trying to contact me! #boybye

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  • Bel articolo, ben pensata la cosa. Questo nel caso ci sei rimasta amica con il tuo ex…ma quando questo non ti parla più… ti metti il pigiama e quardi i film d’amore sola soletta nella tua stanza consumado tutti i fazzoletti che ci sono nella casa…

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