pregnantIt’s normal to assume that when you’re pregnant, you’ll have to abandon your minidresses in the closet for a few months… But that also shouldn’t mean that being comfortable should only mean wearing XXL nightgowns that will destroy your self-esteem and sensuality in an instant. You can always try to find balance: remember, a pregnant woman can also be beautiful and sensual, it’s essential! Look at Blake Lively for inspiration: just forget her natural beauty, and steal her tricks to play with your baby bump, turning it into something beautiful. We thought of three ideas to help moms-to-be, but the bottom line is… Never forget your style!



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11 Responses to “How to dress when you’re pregnant in Summer”

    Hmm, I think this may be our biggest hint yet that Chiara is pregnant! Even Vogue Italia is suggesting she may be, based on her appearance at the Venice Film Festival, Her bosom is bigger, there’s definitely a bump….

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  • Very cute outfits. I don’t think you have to be wearing a tent practically when pregnant. love that dress

    Reply to Stephanie
  • I’m loving all these outfit ideas for pregnant mamas! Though I’m not pregnant, I definitely look forward to embracing and styling my bump now because maternity style has changed tremendously over the years and for the better! Thanks for sharing!



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  • I love it..I agree that when you are pregnant ou dont need to wear just still can look very nice and chic..I love the idea with the tighter dress and converse could look lovely

    Reply to Simi
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