mini dressIt can happen very often in summer: too many plans on your diary, and not enough time. You get into work and find yourself already setting up drinks that will probably morph into a dinner; maybe you organise a trip with your friends during which you will leave on Friday, right after work, starting right away with dinner out, with no time to go home in between! We’ve been there, and when it happened, it was a little complicated, which is why, after several experiences, we came to one conclusion: your saving grace here will be a mini dress. You can wear one from morning to night time, at work, out at lunch, for an aperitif with friends, for your dinner out and at a party. If you do it right with the accessories, you will always look wonderful! We came up with three different options in our gallery, and collected outfits you can use at different times of day, without ever changing your dress. All you will have to do is remember to carry a few things with you to simplify your life, and you’ll never have to skip any appointments again 🙂

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