jackOne of the questions I most often hear my friends say is, what dress should I wear? And since I love answering questions with more questions, my answer is: why don’t you wear a blazer, instead of a dress? It’s an original alternative: the only thing you need is a blazer that’s perfect to be worn with underwear, or with a flimsy slip dress you can hardly see. This will look beautiful when worn with high heels, or with flats for a day look. Visit the gallery to get inspiration from the images I collected. How would you wear it?



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14 Responses to “How to wear a blazer as a dress”

    This is one of my favorite looks, pair it with heels or flats for a edgy look!

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    I love this look but do not have the bravery to wear it, yet. Body confidence is growing but for now I’ll look at these pics and dream 😉

    Amy | http://www.yankified.com

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        You’re totally right! It’s very sexy but not on me 😀

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