Imagine a little dress that you could keep in your closet for the rest of your life: not easy, but also not entirely impossible. I am thinking of a black, minimalist dress, classical yet versatile, one that is easy to wear in a myriad of different situations, always creating a unique, wonderful outfit. I imagine it could even be a rather a kind of expensive one, that you could see as an investment for your future — even for a far future. Do you need proof? Well, here I am! I chose a little black dress for you, and then created 4 outfits that will work with any kind of girl. So, which feels like the best for you?

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    Il secondo è decisamente il mio, ma ci sono dei pezzi degli altri look davvero incredibili!

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    forse imparo a vestirmi..(era l’ora !) mi si sta aprendo un mondo 🙂 questo blog mi sta educando !!!!

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    Il terzo look è decisamente il più mio!

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