When we think of white jeans, summer, sunshine and tanned skin are probably the first things that come to mind. But… Who says white jeans are only okay in summer? Nobody knows, but we enjoy bending the rule when it comes to fashion, so we decided to wear white jeans now that temperatures are below zero πŸ™‚ Picture this: everyone is wearing black or grey, and you will be sporting snow white. Beautiful! And what if you wore your white jeans with a bright color? Even more eye-catching! Wear them with a beanie or a fur neck, and all done! Come on, give your blue jeans a break, and look at our gallery for some inspiration to wear white jeans in winter, too!

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12 Responses to “Can I wear white jeans in winter?”

    Absolutely! I have worn a white jeans during a TV-production and styled it together with a fur vest-see it on the second slider of my blog. I just love it. http://www.topagemodel.de

    Reply to Renate Zott
  • I asked myself the same question a week ago. When I was younger used to hate white jeans in winter but I decided to wear it and I really love that light look during winter. Taste can change! πŸ™‚

    Reply to Carmen Mattijssen
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