backpacksReady to go back to Uni or to school ?! Or just tired of the usual bag you carry ?? Backpacks can make your look so fresh ! Sporty or casual chic , in soft leather or shiny nylon , we made a selection of really nice ones for Fall 2015 perfect for every occasion, even to go to the office!

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  • These are wonderful! It’s so hard to find a nice backpack that doesn’t look too much like I’m going back to school.

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  • As a freelancer I often find myself unable to keep up with handbag trends, so I’m super happy that backpacks are in season! I’m digging that Fjallraven and the Y3 bag <3 | Tips for a more beautiful life.

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    Backpacks are my everything lol I absolutely love giving a nice twist to my wardrobe with one. The ones that can transition into a purse are even better. I have a bucket bag from Zara that is both a backpack and purse and it is the greatest invention ever.

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