Is sport a trend ? Apparently it is. If working out was seen in the past just as an obligation, now it has become super cool and young people are more invited to embrace a healthy lifestyle with consistent sport routines  and healthy and correct nutrition. If you still are not convinced to put on your sneakers and go for a healthy run just because you enjoy it and  it’s cool, well, unfortunately the time of the year has come in which we are almost forced to work out to be in our best shape for the beach! So wether you are a sport enthusiasts with a space in your wardrobe dedicated to different activities including alternatives to be paired depending on the day and on the gym course you will attend, or you are last minute sportsmen looking for incentives to join the gym, we’ve made a selection of 7 outfit that will drive you crazy… All to look amazing even while working out!

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  • The most important thing while working out is feeling comfortable and making sure you don’t have any see-trough clothes or clothes that are too tight. Anything else, it doesn’t matter. If you work out right and you are motivated, you will look cool even in sweats.

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  • Haha, Always dress to impress!
    But never forget to impress yourself, you are much too important to forget about.
    Love the picks!

    Reply to Malin
  • I am so in love with the fact that trainers can go from the am gym work-out to a chic little dress in the afternoon! I simple have to get off the couch and get to the gym (or ballet studio)–first!!!!!

    adorn la femme

    Reply to Lauren

    Great selection! I think it’s amazing that fitness and healthy lifestyle in general became so popular these past two years.

    I’ve been working out at the gym for quite some time now, but my active wear is not the best:) I will definitely check out your picks!

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  • I think working out should be done to feel better and get healthy, not just because its cool.. looking good while working out on the other hand is always a bonus 😉 x

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