iphone coverCell phone cases are no longer an accessory to hide in our pockets: the new extravagant models became the magic touch to our look! For the Spring Summer 2015 they are colorful, playful and exaggerated. Afraid your phone will be bigger than your mini clutch? No worries, leave them at home! Yes, the new cases are so cool that fashionistas (Chiara first) attended the last fashion shows bagless.  So have no fear, pick the craziest ones and have fun!

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33 Responses to “Phone case obsession for Spring Summer 2015”

  • I started with Apple leather case, and bought 4 more of them. But i think i think this has to change now lol 🙂

    Reply to Ashley Cruz

    LOVE the ice cream one & the weird monkey lol

    Reply to Frances
  • guess it’s time to look for a new one then 🙂 – current case is with a simple picture on the back, these look far more interesting!

    Reply to Ramona

    Flirting iphone cover-Chiara Ferragni… Valentino…Lil Picasso iphone-Zero Gravity… Litle Miss Bossy and Polka Dot Monster-Asos
    are my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to Eleftheria
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