summerThe best way to organize your suitcase for a short beach getaway is by thinking of what you’d like to do there. We, for example, imagine the trip would be something like this: mornings reading in the garden of your little house in the middle of nowhere, lunch at the beach and afternoons in the sun, walks while enjoying the sunset; and in the evening, a romantic dinner with a sea view, or a barbecue with friends…what do you say? So, number one on the list of things to put in your luggage is a swimsuit; swiftly followed by a romantic little dress and sunglasses, we imagine that you want to leave the heavy stuff at home, but take a light sweatshirt. Trust us, at sunset this item will be your best friend :). In our gallery you’ll find a selection of pieces that we wouldn’t want to leave home without. What do you think of them?

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