The movie The Wizard of Oz is undoubtedly a classic. We all remember Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Ginda, the good witch, told her those were magic shoes: clicking her heels three times and repeating “There’s no place like home” she could’ve returned to her dear Kansas. How much we wish this could be true? Last week Chiara wore red Converse (she felt maybe a bit nostalgic? 😀 ). In the gallery we selected some Spring Summer 2015 super flat shoes that we believe even little Dorothy could have worn.


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    Cool! The Wizard of Oz is my favorite fairy tale..I want this red pair by Chiara Bellini: bit.ly/cb-red

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  • Out of all the beautiful shoes you’ve gathered in this post, my favorites are the red converse and those utterly feminine Manolo Blanhniks!

    I, myself, already have a pretty cool pair of Vans, so I guess they’ll do.

    Sending you love from Helsinki! ♡ http://www.arcticvanilla.com/

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  • Love red shoes! My favorites are Chiara Ferragni”s of course :), Valentino”s, Saint Laurent and L’F shoes.
    I need them all!
    Love from Vienna
    Borislava von ColurClub

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