Jeans suit all tastes, occasions and times and the Spring Summer 2015 shows confirm them as season’s must have. The relaxed appeal of the wide styles make its comeback as reinterpretation of the iconic vintage pieces: bell-bottoms as seen in Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney or wide-legged and cropped above the ankle as in Gucci and MM6. We consider them as an investment piece: with big pockets, patchwork all over and special washes we choose them as protagonists of our look, matching it with a T-shirt or a blouse, with sneakers or heels as the key for a perfect balance. In the gallery you’ll find our favorite ones, choose yours!

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    Nice collections of jeans. The popularity of denim jeans is so widespread that dress codes have relaxed to the extent that people used to wear them to work in all but the most formal of corporate environments. Grab the latest collections of denim jeans at Dressspace.

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    u forgot the most important brand.. 7FAM

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  • When flares came back I was so hesitant. I had horror flashbacks to middle school when everyone competed to have the widest flares. I’m still a little iffy since I’ll probably be a skinny/boyfriend jean person for life but I like that the option to wear jeans as fancy is available.

    coffeeslag: festival style

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    love this trend!

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