crop topHow to wear a crop top? “Over something else” seems to be the trendiest answer of the moment. Showing your belly button is synonym for summer, but this does not mean that for the change of season you should leave your favorite piece behind. Wear it over a T-shirt or a contrasting shirt, depending on the effect you wish to create: if your favorite look is sporty, wearing it on a oversize T-shirt and sweatpants will make you look super cool; if you are searching for a chic option for work, instead, you will look wonderful just by rocking it over a shirt and a skirt! In the gallery you’ll find our favorite models. Which one is yours?

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21 Responses to “Trend: the crop top over the top”

    Reminds me Cluelles so much!

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    I feel like wonderful when I wear the crop top from TopShop and I think that it will look great on all the fashionistas! Love you Chiara xoxo!!

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  • I love the idea of wearing a crop top over something else because being almost 40, I haven’t actually been brave enough to wear a crop top on its own. Must give this a try!
    Suzy x

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  • what a fun trend! i loove the embroidered topshop crop. x

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  • I absolutely love this trend it’s a great opportunity to wear summer pieces in fall

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