There are two kinds of people: those who have one style icon, and those who look for a new muse every season, to get inspiration for their look. Winter is on its way out, and if we had to bet on an evergreen character to get inspiration for Spring Summer 2017, we would definitely go for Drew Barrymore. Or, to be more precise, Drew Barrymore in the 1990s! Just look at her style at that time: cool A.F., right? Lots, lots of denim; mini-dresses — and when we say mini, we say mean very mini;  monochrome T-shirts; blazers with a distinctly male cut; cat eye frames, chokers and very grungy makeup… Oh, Drew, thanks for all this!


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9 Responses to “How will you dress in Spring Summer 2017? Like Drew Barrymore in the 1990s!”

  • A me è bastato leggere la parola ‘mini’ ….adoro gli abiti mini!!
    E poi il Denim…quest’anno la moda sembra fatta a posta per me!

    Reply to Lavinia
  • I find a lot of inspiration in my mother’s photos and magazines! Fashion never change! It just repeats!

    Reply to Monique
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