Free the Nipple! This scream of protest against the sexist policies of social network, Instagram especially, that censor female nipples, considering them inappropriate even when the images have nothing vulgar to them at all,  is getting louder and louder. Celebrities respond to this by wearing more and more see-through tops, but what can we, regular people, do? We definitely cannot show up to work or at university half naked, which leaves one perfect solution: free the BRA! Or, to be more precise, free the bralette. The shows are helpful for the cause this year, since the the coolest tops of Spring Summer 2017 will have a defined 1960s look, in between a lace bra and balconette-style bra, and it they will be worn with high-waist pants and skirts. You will decide how much skin to bare for every different situation – and also depending on how toned our abs are! Go get a bralette now, and wear it on turtleneck sweaters or shirts – taking your cue from Prada – until temperatures become milder, and we will finally be able to wear it under a jacket, and then as a top. And if you feel too uncomfortable to wear them like that… Just wear your bralette over a T-shirt.

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    Bralettes – what would we do without them?! They can be elegant, chic, and comfy all at the same time. Love this post. Free the bralettes!

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