Just like maxi earrings became the trendy accessory between late Summer and early Autumn,Β necklaces are a must-have accessory right now! With one condition: if you want to follow the trend the right way, you have to wear multiple necklaces, all at the same time. Choose multiples shapes, types and lengths, and get daring with peculiar designs, too. We know they aren’t so cheap, and that it might take some time to build a good collection, but there are always alternatives for every budget. Once you created your own mix of necklaces, the cool thing is that you will never have to take them off again, and they will add a super cool touch even to the sportiest of outfits, or to the simplest T-shirt and tank top. Can you imagine how that will look like with deep cuts? Wow, just wow!

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  • You can never have too many necklaces! Love the trend.

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