tee-dress trendSearching for the best way to look cool this summer? We suggest wearing an oversized T-shirt as a mini dress. If you can’t find a female style that you like, no problem: run straight to your boyfriend or brother’s closet and take the coolest and largest t-shirt that you can find…and better still if it looks like a man’s shirt. Scared that it will be too short? Then wear a pair of culottes or a pair of tight shorts that won’t be visible, and to finish off, add a pair of ankle boots and a pair of tinted sunglasses…you’ll look stunning! You’ll find some examples of how to wear them like the celebs in our gallery + some of our favourite styles for Spring Summer 2016. Which is your favorite?

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  • Wow! I always used to wear t-shirts as dresses when I was a child. But mostly with Hello Kitty shirts. Not with Givenchies.

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