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Avete letto le ultime news vero? Il 2017 sarà l’anno dei ponti, l’anno in cui i giorni festivi nel calendario saranno casualmente (e fortunatamente per noi) vicini ai weekend. Siamo solo alla prima settimana di gennaio e già sento che questo 2017 ci regalerà delle grandi emozioni. Insomma, almeno per noi in redazione, fine settimana lunghi significano viaggiare, e anche se non molto lontano, almeno evadere dai confini nazionali. Abbiamo scritto a lungo sulle grandi capitali europee come Parigi, Barcellona o Berlino, adesso invece vi proponiamo delle città, sempre del Vecchio Continente, meno conosciute… ma non per questo meno interessanti. Date uno sguardo alla gallery e segnatevi i weekend che preferite. E prenotate!

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  • We love long weekends, the more the better. The big bonus here is that we are located in the center of the world 🙂 and you are absolutely right the long weekends are the best opportunity to travel around Europe of Africa, the flights are cheap, RyanAir is always there and it’s the best .

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    Porto is the best city to live and study. The center became unesco heritage years ago. Its a city full of misteries with a lot to visit and discover. And the food…. wow!

    Rispondi a Luisa Almeida
  • Great choices! When I first moved to Europe, I was supposed to stay at least two years. I traveled 50 weekends a year those first two years, figuring I needed to see as much of Europe as possible before it became a faraway, expensive trip again. I ended up extending my contract, and eventually stayed for six years, continuing to travel most weekends, though I ended up repeating some of my favorite places. One tactic was to show up at the airport with a carry-on and buy a last-minute ticket for next to nothing. I didn’t know where I’d be sleeping–or even which country I’d end up in–but it always worked out great.
    My new home is in Carcassonne, in the south of France. Another ideal weekend getaway, though I’m happy to live here full-time!

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