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Snow lovers, we have great news for you! You don’t have to be able to ski or snowboard to enjoy the mountains now! Fat bikes are the new trend this year, and they allow those of us who can’t ski to still enjoy speed on snow: these bikes have very fat, thick wheels that create the kind of stability you need on fresh snow. Even if they only became a trend about a year ago, this winter was the boom year, according to ski resort operators. This is why a lot of locations organized their fat bike stations in the city center, to welcome those who would like to try this new activity. So, if you don’t ski, you would like to go to the mountains, but you are afraid of getting bored just sunbathing or sledding while everyone else is speeding down the slopes, well, the time has come for you to get active, and join the fun! There is another important thing to say: fat bikes were designed for snow, but they work on any terrain, so even if it doesn’t snow, you can still do sports! If you’re not feeling confident enough to go down the slope yet, you can practice on the flat routes that are usually right next to the ones for expert skiers. You can find ideas on where to find fat bikes in our gallery, if you want to try this new, fun way to enjoy snow in Italy… But hurry up, winter is almost over!

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  • This is such a cool idea, I’m much better on a bike than skis. I’ve never been skiing but when I do in the future I want to try this one out in comparison too! 🙂

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