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You’re not really thinking that Italy is all about seas, sunshine and summer holidays, right? I am mostly talking to you, readers from abroad: did you know that Italy is actually a widely recognized ski destination, thanks to its two beautiful mountain chains, the Alps and the Apennines? Curiosity to explore these mountains is growing every year, as does the wish to learn to ski or go snowboard for many people. Over the last few years, skiing spots have also been invaded by visitors who can’t really ski, but who still want to breathe pure mountain air, and get a break from polluted city air. Snow is fun for everyone, after all, no matter if you’re a child or a grown-up, you will love it. We chose 7 spots in the Bel Paese, and we are introducing them here, from North to Central Italy. So, grab your gloves, your scarf and your sunscreen: we hereby declare, Winter has officially started!

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7 Responses to “Italy: the go-to skiing spots for this winter”

    Hi Chiara.

    I am going skiing this year and haven’t found a clothing boutique with cute ski clothes. I saw your pictures from your ski trip last year and your ski clothes are adorable. Can you please give me a few ideas as to where I can purchase ski clothes? I would very much appreciate it.

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      • TBS CREW

        Hi Roxette, thank you for your comment. You can find some nice stuff from Burtnon or Head, these two brands are our fav ones. Enjoy the snow then 🙂

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  • …Un ulteriore consiglio…Alagna Valsesia (scelta quest’anno fra le mete top in Europa da National Geographic) 😉

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    Well thank you for this list, I have seen on IG that Italy is very nice place to ski and enjoy winter season. 🙂

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