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So, let’s sum it up! You have the best restaurants to eat, the best hotels to stay but now it’s time to spend some money… and what’s better than vintage shopping? We selected 5 of our favourite shops in New York: style, good positioning and originality are the standards we took into consideration.

new york vintage

New York Vintage
If you are in The City and you are looking for a beautiful vintage shop, you might just love this one. Inside everything looks magical, and it gives you a chance to visit a different historical time period. Here you can buy special pieces from every era, and also rent a Chanel suit, Missoni dresses and many qualities of fine vintage clothing.
Address: 117 West 25th Street
TBS ♥: it’s always a pleasure to be catapulted into another dimension, by wearing a vintage chic dress.

scraming mimiScreaming Mimis
Since the 70’s this shop has been one of the favourite spots for celebrities, models and fashion minds. Inside, you can find exclusive pieces from the 90’s,  the collections are also perfect for Halloween and any other theme party.
Address: 382 Lafayette Street
TBS ♥: we love it because living in the 70’s means freedom and love.

Are you a fan of Italian luxury labels? Well, here you can find a touch of Italian style, with a sophisticated and very organized selection of high quality pieces like Moschino, Valentino, Pierre Cardin and Gianni Versace.
Address: 252 Lafayette St
TBS ♥: Italian vintage dresses? A dream for all classy women.

what goes around comes aroundWhat goes around comes around
This vintage shop is situated in the SoHo district, in the city’s heart, and it’s very easy to get to. It was born at the beginning of the 90’s and you can find all kinds of accessories from every time period, from bags to belts and groves. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Céline are the brands that make this vintage shop unique.
Address: 351 West Broadway, Soho
TBS ♥: This shop exist also in Los Angeles (it’s one of our favourites there too!) that’s why finding it in New York is absolutely fantastic for us.

mr throwbackMr. Throwback
It’s all in the name! Are you nostalgic about the 80’s and 90’s? No problem, Mr. Throwback provides you with a good selection of vintage items from that time period and its selections focus on sporty vintage products like shorts, sports jerseys, hats and sweatshirts.
Address: 428 East 9th Street
TBS ♥: after all these elegant and fine vintage clothes, we definetely need some sporty chic clothes to wear!


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  • Amazing picks, Vincenzo! There are a lot of amazing vintage stores in SoHo New York ! I always take my friends to the area around Little Italy.. it is a great place for shopping and eating !

    Reply to Alena Rudenko

    pilgrim new york is in vogue.com. Recommended by Tabitha Simmons and Indre Rockefeller! How could you just run by that one? I go down there to also get facials at Christine Chin spa where all the editors and celebrities go. And you are a fashion insider????? Please girl.

    Reply to WendySouk
  • Thank you so much for this article! I’ve always struggled to find a vintage shop in New York! Definitely going to look into these places the next time I’m in New York!

    Reply to Katherine Lou
  • You forgot to include Pilgrim! It has the most incredible collection of vintage Chanel, all authentic and many still new.

    Reply to Irina

    very useful post! thank u

    dont forget look @estherventugal on instagram fashion blogger

    Reply to Maria
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