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A few days ago, we were chatting about sports activities with our friends, and one of them asked, what is the coolest sport you can think of? I didn’t think twice and just blurted out: surfing, of course! I have to say, since I was a kid, I was always fascinated whenever I saw a surfer effortlessly ride a wave, somewhere in California. I think I am fascinated by surfing because it feels like something so impossible, since it would be very complicated to become a surfer for me — when I tried snowboarding, it already felt like it was super dangerous. I really can’t imagine surfing the waves! Still, one of the people in our Crew, Riccardo, has been a surfer for years, and he shared surfer secrets with us that we, puny gym goers, could never have imagined. For instance, what do you think is the best moment, when you go surfing? It’s not when you are riding the waves, actually, but rather when you are on the shore, waiting for the perfect wave with your friends, while the sun rises over the water: that is the moment that makes you want to grab your surfboard, the moment you really feel the freedom that is so typical of this wonderful sport. Riccardo also told us that his favorite waves are in Nazaré, Portugal: some of the waves here are over 20m (65ft) high — oh dear! His tips for beginners are Bali and Costa Rica, where the waves are smaller, but no less spectacular. Don’t you feel a sudden urge to learn surfing, now? If you do, look at our gallery and jot down your list of the best spots in the world to catch spectacular waves. If you are afraid of breaking your collarbone, well, go anyway… You still might meet interesting people there! 😉

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