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What do you like most about Italy? “Pizza, of course!”. This is every tourist’s answer (and not just theirs) when asked about our country and they are not actually wrong because here you can find the best pizza in the world. Everyone knows that Naples is the Queen of pizza, but Milan is keeping the pace quite well with restaurants that offer a variety of pizzas, from the classic margherita to the more elaborate options. We selected for you the 5 + 1 best pizzerias in Milan (according to us). Enjoy! 🙂

Maruzzella. In the heart of Porta Venezia, this pizzeria-restaurant has been offering the authentic Neapolitan pizza for over 30 years with top quality ingredients. The place is often very busy and you cannot make a reservation during peak hours, but if you aren’t in a particular rush rest assured it is definitely worth the wait!
Address: Piazza Oberdan, 3
TBS ♥ Choose the margherita, high and soft. You will suddenly feel like you’re enjoying a glimpse of the Vesuvio.

Dry. A meeting point for those who look for an excellent pizza in one coolest area of Milan that offers also a great cocktail bar.
Address: via Solferino, 33
TBS ♥ The pizza is a bit small, we have to admit, but you should try it, if only to be accompanied by a drink. Odd right?

Piccola Ischia. There are 4 pizzerias in Milan and they all serve the Neapolitan pizza: high, large and very stuffed. Once inside, you’ll feel like walking in one of Naples’ alleys: the walls are decorated with laundry hanging out to dry and views of the gulf!
Addresses: viale Morgagni 7, viale Umbria 60, viale Abruzzi 62, via Cenisio 77.
TBS ♥ The bravest should absolutely try the famous fried pizza: not a super light choice but really good!

Da Giuliano. Not the classic pizza, even just for the format: here the pizza is only by the slice. High and very cheesy (their secret ingredient!), it’s offered in many flavors.
Address: via Paolo Sarpi, 60
TBS ♥ An alternative to the Neapolitan pizza, but also different from the thinner version of other regions.

Camillo Benso. A large pizza that is light at the same time? Yes, it does exist and this is the case. The restaurant is also brand new and the interiors are a treat for the eyes as well as for your taste buds. What could we possibly want more?
Address: piazza Cavour, 2
TBS ♥ The eggplant Parmesan variation is unbelievable. If you would then like to finish in style you can also indulge in the desserts, rigorously from Campania’s tradition.

Pizza OK. We are Neapolitan pizza’s enthusiasts, but for those who prefer the thin pizza, this is the right place to go! Informal restaurant, quick service and the taste is assured.
Address: via Lambro 15
TBS ♥ With almost 100 different variations you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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    Go to Cecco in via vincenzo monti! The pizza is amazing!

    Reply to Costanza
  • The fried pizza sounds like a huge fest, it just tastes amazing! You should do more restaurant reviews; a lot of tourists want to experience the real, Italian taste.

    Reply to She's Next

    MA QUANTO CI PIACE QUANDO CONSIGLIATE LOCALI???? Ne vogliamo sempre di più!!!! Gogogogogglogogog ragazzi !! Bravi

    Reply to Bea
  • This is gonna sound weird but there’s awesome pizza at Malpensa Airport, too!! I tried it by chance and now every time I fly to Milan I go to Malpensa and try to take the return flight around lunch or dinner time to enjoy a slice

    Reply to Clara
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