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Milan fashion week just started! Looking for cool places to eat? Well Italy is not just pizza and pasta, bolognese and lasagna, there are also some really nice vegan and vegetarian restaurants in town. Discover our 5 very favourite ones.

Nice and cozy, what we appreciate the most is the friendly staff.  There’s a wide selection of vegan dishes and desserts, the atmosphere is warm and it has a pleasant outdoor seating.
Address: Via Parenzo, 7, Milan, 20123
TBS ♥ Enjoy your breakfast with a vegappuccio (the vegan cappuccino) and a croissant.

Mantra Raw Vegan
It’s the first raw vegan restaurant and cold pressed juicery in Italy. It offers elaborate dishes prepared in a viewable kitchen, using only high quality ingredients.
Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21, Milan, 20121
TBS ♥ Best cold pressed juices and raw cakes in town! Their bRAWnch is lovely too.

Joia Kitchen
First vegetarian restaurant in Europe to be starred by Michelin. The chef Pietro Leemann doesn’t have a fixed menu, it’s based on seasonal availability. And it’s delicious.
Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18 (at Corso Buenos Aires), Milan, Italy
TBS ♥ There are private dining rooms and the dishes are beautifully presented. It’s very expensive though.

Provides organic and vegan food including hot and cold soups, sweets and ice cream. The ambience is really young and natural, it’s free wi-fi provided and it has a nice outdoor seating.
Address: Via Spallanzani 16, Milan, 2012
TBS ♥ Great vegan burgers and sausages, and absolutely the best mayonnaise.

Just a couple of minutes walking from Duomo Square, this delicate vegetarian Hare-Krishna restaurant has a gorgeous interior and atmosphere. There is no menu but a huge selection of typical Indian organic dishes.
Address: Via Valpetrosa 3/5, Milan, 20123
TBS ♥ Lunch is cheap and it’s such an experience. Everyone needs to escape time to time.

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  • I already discovered the delicious food in Piemonte. Looking forward to visiting Milan and trying out your addresses!

    Reply to wannderful

    When I look at the photo representing vegetarian food my whole self /and not only my stomach/ cringes with the anticipation of what hunger will follow after eating this. So, pizza, pasta, bolognese and lasagna, salami and all other wonderful inventions of the Italian cilinary genius are for me! In quantities enough to keep me happy!

    Reply to valentin antonov

    A lot of Italian food suits vegetarians and vegans.

    Reply to sam
  • Lovely! Will definitely keep these in mind for my next trips to Milan. Nonetheless, I have made the experience that they will prepare a vegan dish for you wherever you go in Milan. There’s also an ice cream parlour (I forgot its name though) near the Duomo/Corso Vittorio Emanuele II that sells a delicious range of vegan ice cream!

    xox Sabrina

    Reply to Sabrina Bianca
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