Three days spent in Hong Kong, city I’d never been before, for my shoeline, Chiara Ferragni, which landed to I.T. concept store with a dedicated event.
In the photos our walks at Causeway Bay, the Sky Terrace on the top of Victoria Peak, Mong Kok and the highest bar in the world, Ozone 🙂

Tre giorni passati ad Hong Kong, città nella quale non ero mai stata prima, in occasione della mia linea di scarpe, Chiara Ferragni, che è arrivata in anteprima da I.T. con un evento dedicato.
Le foto delle nostre visite a Causeway Bay, la Sky Terrace a Victoria Peak, Mong Kok, ed il bar più alto al mondo, l’Ozone 🙂

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HONG KONG, November 3rd-6th 2014


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • I love Hong Kong!! The peak is one of my favorite places and causeway bay has one of the best bookstores I have ever been to!

    Reply to ariana

    Memories! What a city. You captured it so beautifully!

    Reply to Gerda
  • Great photos. I was in HK a few years back. Brought back some great memories. Love your flats. Uber cute!

    Reply to YesBride

    I still cannot believe I missed you in Hong Kong/:
    Come back soon! and do a meetup!!

    Reply to Hazel
  • I want to go to Hong Kong!
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    Reply to Daska
  • I go to Hong Kong every summer. I always have a bittersweet feeling with that place. I’m surprised the protests haven’t gotten in the way of your trip!

    Reply to Saan Lee

    Assolutamente fantastica…
    New post on my fashionblog
    facebook: adele gugliotta
    Instagram @adelegug

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  • This is such an amazing post! Great pictures and looks like you had a great time. It’s crazy to think you’ve been around my go-to places!

    Reply to Jocelyn Yih
  • Dear Chiara
    Your style is great your every post is always the best.

    xoxo, David

    Reply to david

    Not a dream town for me, but good for business. Hopefully, Hongkongoans like your shoes!

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • you look cool Very Nice and useful Info you share. Best of luck

    Reply to Khan
  • Yay – you visited the city I’ve been living in for almost four years! How great, shame that I missed you. But how come you didn’t try any of the great dishes? A visit to HK is not complete without pictures of egg tarts, milk teas, dim sum, fresh seafood, char siu fan, pineapple buns, street stalls selling snacks such as waffles and fresh fruit juices… find out more here: bluebalu.com

    Reply to bluebalu

    Such amazing photos! You have the best adventures!
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    Reply to Melissa

    I love your shoes! Major envy factor! I’ve never been to HK but I must say that seeing the skyscrapers on the photos is a bit depressing for me…We have The Shard in London and its a depressing sign of things to come…
    But the shoes- to die for!

    Reply to Ana
  • Great pictures as always and I love the breton top and red bag especially 🙂
    Hannah x

    Reply to Hannah

    It was so nice to see u in HK….Hope you will come back and visit us soon.. ..Love u so much

    Reply to Kelly Tsui
  • Thanks for sharing so many awesome pictures on your trip to Hong Kong. Totally looking forward to a trip to Hong Kong. Understand that its an extremely busy city with lights and buildings everywhere plus its a city that never sleeps. So excited just thinking about it.

    I like that your shoe collection doesn’t consist of all high heels which makes it a dream for us “commoners”. I can barely walk in 1 inch and totally appreciate the flats option that you have in your collection. Definitely will check them out.

    Hints of Peppermint & Chocolate

    Reply to Cindy Khor

    Hong Kong!I love it.I have been 3 weeks back in HK and China Mainland.i can see HK became my top favorite city. Pics are great and shoes mmmm. I’m living in Dubai, maybe in future you can have a boutique here.Would be great. Wish you the best

    Reply to Claudia
  • these pictures are so beautiful !!
    Hong Kong is an awesome place !!

    Reply to debow
  • Nice! I moved to Hong Kong a few weeks ago so I know all the places. One of the best cities in the world:)

    Reply to Patricia
  • Honkong looks so cool! Would love to go there one day! 🙂
    Great photos ^^

    x Valerie

    Reply to valerie
  • Wow Hong Kong is an amazing city, it’s like another world, so different and exotic. These photos are really beautiful, I want to discover Hong Kong. Every look of this diary is perfect, your new collection is even more cool than the last one. Love love love the Hermes Kelly bag in red, it can’t be more iconic


    Reply to Miss Key

    Omg.. This is amazing photos diary!! Now I’m a bit jealous at you lol Andrew always take the best pics of you and view.

    Reply to PATT
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