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We couldn’t think of anything more fitting to start our article than the words of contemporary American poet Gary Snyder, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” We wrote so often about the many beautiful things Italy has to offer, ranging from the arts to history, culture and landscapes, but we never really stopped to think about gardens, the true, essential green lungs of our territory. Some of you might already have heard of Grandi Giardini Italiani [Great Italian Gardens], a network of over 100 gardens in 12 Italian regions.
This network is vital for the promotion of our rich natural, botanical and landscape heritage, and every year, new parks join the conservation effort led by this important foundation. All along the Italian territory you can find incredibly beautiful green spaces that also offer infinite possibilities of recreation and play, hosting about 700 events every year. One of the latest good news that we got from the people in charge is that Italians — and foreigner visitors in the same fashion — seem to be becoming more and more open to green culture, which is why they try to make more and more time to visit these national treasures. So, let’s get on with it: pack your backpack, and get ready to dive into a sea of green!

All the photos are taken from Grandi Giardini Italiani website.

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14 Responses to “15 Italian gardens you should visit at least once in your life!”

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful gardens! The Blonde Salad does such a great job highlighting the beauty and art in Italia. I’ve been to the Boboli, Friesole, and Villa Reale Di Marlia gardens, and can attest to their beauty. Next time I’m in Italy, I’ll make sure to visit the rest! Grazie 🙂

    Reply to Rachael Roselli
      • TBS CREW

        Thank you Rachael for your lovely comment!
        Next time in Italy you totally should visit the other ones! 🙂


        Reply to TBS CREW

    Tutti bellissimi, ma ti assicuro che ne mancano tanti… a partire dal giardino inglese della reggia di Caserta! Vedere per credere 🙂

    Reply to Ilaria
  • Mancano quelli di Villa Cimbrone a Ravello e quelli della reggia di Caserta! Belli quelli di Villa d’ Este!!!

    Reply to Barbara
  • Did anyone spot any in Sicily? I am not familiar with the Italian regions, but I’ll be visiting Sicily next year.

    Reply to Leah
      • TBS CREW

        Hi Leah sure, we included “Il Giardino di San Giuliano” in Siracuse which is in Sicily. It is just amazing! 🙂

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          • Thank you! I think those are palm trees behind the pond- did not expect to see those in Sicily! Holy cow!

            Reply to Leah
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